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What to Do Before a Hair Color Appointment?


If you’re considering getting a new hair color, it’s best to leave these things with the professionals. After all, your hair is fragile and can get easily damaged with the wrong hair coloring process. If you’ve already booked your appointment with your trusted hair salon for your color appointment, there are things you need to do to prepare beforehand. Check out this article!

  • Make Sure to Condition the Night Before
    Make sure to condition your hair deeply before the day of your appointment. Deep drying your hair makes it porous, allowing the color to disperse and apply evenly throughout your visit. It is also one way to keep your hair healthy and ready before getting some color treatment or your hair colored.
  • Regularly Trim Your Hair
    Getting a regular trim or a haircut will help make your hair healthier. Although this is something you have to do regularly and not just right before your color appointment. Getting your hair trimmed by an inch every twelve months is healthy. It will help ensure your hair is healthy and has no or less damage when you decide to get colored.
  • Make Sure Your Hair Products are Color Safe
    Unfortunately, not many people know that their shampoo or conditioner damages their hair color once applied. Sometimes, shampoos contain harsh chemicals that are damaging to your hair and your hair color. To be sure, seek advice from your trusted hair care services in Maryland.

If you’re looking for professionals who can help with your hair color, or if you’re looking for hair styling products in Lanham, Maryland, contact us at Zoraida Dominican Salon.

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