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Salon Services

Hair Care Services in Lanham, Maryland

Whether you want to get a haircut, a hair treatment, some hair coloring, or if you are looking for some other salon services, Zoraida Dominican Salon is here for you! Also, while there are a lot of other salons out there, here are the top reasons why getting your hair done at our hair salon in Lanham, Maryland is definitely the best choice that you can make:

  • Reasonably priced services.
    Since our services are high in quality, people assume that our prices are expensive. However, this is a wrong assumption, and we are happy to say that our services are actually reasonably priced.
  • Skilled staff.
    Zoraida has over 10 years of experience in hair and the rest of our staff are highly experienced as well. Your hair is definitely in good hands.
  • A cozy, warm ambiance.
    When you step inside the salon, we immediately make you feel at ease. We want you to relax while we provide you with the royal treatment!
  • We respect your choices.
    We understand that every customer has different wants – this is why we make sure to respect your choices. Let us know what you want done, and we can complete it for you. However, we will also provide some of our input and suggestions and it is up to you if you want to take them.
  • The products we use are top of the line.
    Just as our services are high-quality, we also make sure that the hair and other salon products we use are first-rate as well.

Come visit us today and see for yourself what services we can provide you with! If you simply have some questions for us, please don’t think twice about calling 240-667-2368 to speak to one of our staff.