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Blow Drying Your Hair: How to Do It Safely


Blow-drying your hair can be damaging. However, how much damage your hair sustains depends on you. If you check out various hair care services in Maryland, you’ll notice there’s a way your hair is blow-dried. It means that your hair professionals take the time to safely and correctly blow-dry your hair. Check out this article for tips on doing it at home.

  • Make Your Hair Healthy
    If you keep blow-drying damaged hair, you’re just making it worse. Make sure you also take some steps to ensure your hair remains healthy. Get a regular haircut or trim, or use the right products.
  • Dry Your Hair First With a Towel
    Gone are the days in the early 2000s when wet hair is dried with heating tools. To ensure less damage, towel-dry your wet hair first and let the towel absorb as much water as possible. Remember your last appointment at the hair salon? Remember that they dried your hair thoroughly first before grabbing that hair dryer.
  • Make Sure to Use Heat Protectant
    It’s the heat that’s very damaging to your hair. You also have to invest in the right heat protectant in the same way you have to use the right color treatment to protect your hair and hair color. Spray some in your hair before you blow-dry to avoid heat damage.

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