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Hairstyles That Perfectly Match Your Face Shapes


Women get confidence from their hair which is why they spend a fortune getting hair treatments. With silky and smooth hair, they are not embarrassed to show it off and flip it because it makes them feel more beautiful.

Zoraida Dominican Salon, your hair salon in Maryland is your solution to a bad hair day. Our salon is built predominantly to cater to an inviting and warm vibe so customers are perfectly at ease whilst getting their hair done.

Most of the time, customers already have a hairstyle in mind but for first-timers, it is usually a struggle. Hence, as a Peruvian blower, hereunder are the recommended hairstyles that perfectly match your face shapes:

  • oval-shaped
    If your forehead is slightly wider than your chin and if you have a rounded jawline, it is recommended you get an a-line bob, shoulder-length flip, and long wavy hairstyles.
  • round-shaped
    Side wavy pony and long layered hairstyles are highly suggested for people who have chubby cheeks and round, full jawline.
  • square-shaped
    People who have square-shaped face structures have defined jawlines, square chins, and foreheads of similar length to their jaw. Therefore, it is advisable they get an a-line chin-length bob or long layered hairstyle with side bangs.
  • long-shaped
    If you have a narrow and thin face without angles, then long curls with arched bangs, bouncy curls with blunt bangs, and medium flip-out hairstyles are perfect for you.
  • heart-shaped
    Curly hairstyles with side bangs, medium hairstyles with flicks, and curly side pony are recommended for people who have wide foreheads and cheekbones, narrow jaws, and pointy chins.

Experience our hair care services in Lanham, Maryland, and be enticed by your beauty. Book an appointment with us now.

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