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Do Regular Hair Trims Really Make Hair Grow Faster?


This is a typical hair myth we have all believed in for so long. Regular visits to your favorite hair salon in Maryland will not make your hair grow faster. Trimming your locks frequently will not train your hair to grow at extreme rates. In fact, whether you trim your hair regularly or not, it will still grow at the same rate.

So, what is the best way to make your hair grow longer and more luscious? Of course, our hair care services in Lanham, Maryland, have the best tips just for you! At Zoraida Dominican Salon, we believe in high-quality and professional hair care that will make you love your crowning glory even more.

The following are simple, easy-to-follow steps that will make the biggest difference to your hair health.

  • First, make sure you follow a healthy diet. Yes, diet affects your hair health, as well. Getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals will help your hair grow long and strong. Have your fill on fatty fish, eggs, berries, healthy greens, as well as sources of healthy fats and zinc, such as avocados and nuts.
  • Next, make sure to stimulate your hair as often as needed. Invest in a good head massager to activate your scalp and assist your follicles’ growth.
  • Lastly, when washing your hair, shampoo your roots and scalp only. Conditioner and treatment should only be applied to your ends to avoid achieving an oily scalp prone to damage and lifelessness.

Just remember that hair trims will not make your hair grow faster, but they can help reduce dead ends, which can make your hair look healthier. Availing of hair care services, such as our Peruvian blower can also achieve a more luxurious feel to your luscious locks.

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