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The Uses of Hot and Cold Water for a Healthier Hair


Having healthy and beautiful hair is every woman’s desire. Women are exceptionally particular in taking care of their hair, although we also recognize men who care for their crowning glory.

Water is the basic component in taking care of our hair. It plays a significant factor in cleaning and caring for it. As a provider of hair care services in Maryland we are often asked the right water temperature for washing hair. Here are the effects if you use cold water or hot water when you shower.

Hot water can:

  • remove dirt, oil, and build-up
  • it causes frizz
  • makes hair color fade faster
  • causes a dry and brittle hair

On the other hand, washing your hair with cold water can:

  • seal the moisture in your hair
  • increases the shine of your hair
  • can help your hair look flat and less bouncy
  • smoothen the hair

When washing your hair, wash it with warm water to remove the product build-up and dirt. Afterward, rinse with cool water to add shine, seal in the moisture, and prevent frizz.

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