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The Root Cause of Your Split Ends


Getting split ends is a common problem experienced, especially by people with long hair. Maybe you experience this too. If you’re unsure what’s causing it, here are some factors you should consider when doing your hair routine every day.

  • Lack of Moisture
    There’s a reason why experts advise against washing your hair every day. Doing so strips it of natural oils, which help keep the hair healthy and moisturized. The same can be said for exposure to environments with extreme temperatures.
  • Too Much Heat
    If you’re guilty of using your styling tools every day, be sure to use some heat protectant. A Peruvian blower is best used with the right hair products that include but are not limited to your heat protectants. Be sure to treat your hair often, especially when it’s frequently exposed to heat, whether from your curling iron or the sun.
  • Chemical Treatments
    Know that your dream hairstyle comes with a price. All the dyeing, perming, straightening, and the like, involve the use of chemicals. These chemicals can cause dryness, ultimately resulting in split ends. The skill and expertise of your hairdressers in doing these treatments matter a lot.

You deserve hairdressers that know what they’re doing. Consult with hair professionals at your trusted hair salon in Maryland.

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