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Keratin Treatment 101: Is This Right for You?

Keratin Treatment 1o1: Is This Right for You?

Keratin treatment has been a buzzword in haircare for years now, with celebrities and hair stylists swearing by its life-changing benefits. But what is it? Does it live up to the hype? And should you get one, too? As a hair salon in Lanham, Maryland, we at Zoraida Dominican Salon have rounded some of the common questions people have about the treatment. Take a look below.

  • What’s a keratin treatment?It’s a chemical process that works to fight off frizz, smoothens your hair and makes it shine through the application of keratin, an essential hair protein, to your hair follicles. Results last up to six months dependent on factors such as your hair type, your formula blend, the level of formaldehyde content in it (anything below 0.002% is safe), and more. Keratin treatment is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • How long does the process take?It usually spans 2-4 hours depending on factors such as the keratin treatment and the formula your stylist is using, your hair type, length, and texture, and the other hair care services in Maryland you may require.
  • What’s the process like?Every salon will have a unique process but in general, it goes like this:
    • Washing of your hair
    • Applying the keratin formula, which can go two ways:
      • Direct application to wet hair; allowing the formula to saturate your strands for 30 minutes.
      • Indirect application. This application follows after your hair is blow-dried first. For best results, we suggest blow drying through a Peruvian blower.
    • Going over any coarse strands and applying heat through a flat iron on low to medium heat to seal in the treatment.

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