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Hair Care 101: What Not to Do with Your Hair

Hair Care 101: What Not to Do with Your Hair

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you believe you take care of your hair? If you have exerted a lot of effort on your tresses but have yet to see results, then there may be something you are overlooking.

But, fret not. This no longer has to be a mystery.

Our hair salon in Lanham, Maryland is here to give you the lowdown on some of the most common hair mistakes people make. Take a look at each item below, identify which errors you are committing, and work toward fixing them. We guarantee you will notice a difference in your hair.

Here is the list:

  • Overcombing hair.
    While brushing helps disperse natural hair oils, you should still avoid overdoing it. Too much combing or brushing can result in hair damage. It can destroy the cuticle layer and make you develop split ends. And, if you have oily hair, overbrushing will only increase the amount of sebum in your hair.
  • Washing hair too often.
    Shampoo is good for the hair; however, you do not need to use it every day. Over shampooing strips off your scalp’s healthy oils, which results in your hair looking dull and lifeless. As an expert in hair care services in Maryland, we suggest washing your hair every other day to keep your crowning glory nice and healthy.
  • Drying hair using the wrong towel.
    Wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair. Hence, you need to be careful with drying your wet locks. Instead of rubbing your hair with any towel you can find, use your fingertips to get rid of excess water. Also, steer clear of terry cloth towels and opt for a microfiber one as an alternative.

We hope these help you achieve better-looking hair! But if you want an added boost, head on over to Zoraida Dominican Salon and get your Peruvian blower.

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