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A Guide to Regaining Hair Volume After Treatment


Are you dreaming of bouncy, voluminous locks that exude vitality and charm? Many individuals seek to enhance their hair volume, recognizing how it can convey overall hair health and a youthful aesthetic. As experts in hair care services in Maryland, let us help you understand the factors in achieving that coveted bounce.

Hair treatments (especially smoothing and straightening procedures like keratin treatments) often come with the unintended consequence of reducing hair volume. While these treatments impart sleekness and manageability, they can leave the hair looking flatter than desired. That is a common concern for individuals who value both the benefits of these treatments and the dynamic allure of voluminous hair.

If you are one of those people, you must know that regaining hair volume after such treatments requires a strategic approach. Our hair salon recommends the following strategies:

  • Consider a Layered Haircut
    Consider getting a layered haircut, as layers create movement and texture. This strategic cutting technique adds dimension to your hair, making it appear fuller and more voluminous.
  • Do Teasing or Backcombing
    Gently tease or backcomb sections of your hair at the roots to add instant volume. Be cautious not to damage the hair, and use a soft brush to smooth the surface gently.
  • Use Volumizing Products
    Incorporate volumizing hair styling products in Lanham, Maryland, into your routine to add lift and body to your hair. These products add texture and lift to the strands, enhancing overall volume.

At Zoraida Dominican Salon, we specialize in providing tailored salon services. Our experienced stylists understand the importance of regaining hair volume after specific treatments. So, if you need professional support to regain your hair volume, consider contacting our salon for help!


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